March 8th, 2008

San Jose BMW's New R1200HP2-Sport

Rider Brian Parriott and his wife Rosa

Brain takes out the back-up bike while the transmission is being rebuilt in his race bike

(above left) The rear hub, light weight titanium  (above right) Brian, Brett, Chris and Cooper in the garage area

The unfamiliar faces of the Factory Team mechanics in support of the new bikes. Willie & Jeff can be seen in the garage (far right)

(above & below) Unreal craftsmanship of the fuel tank
(below) Brian tapes up his hands before practice

Brian, Rico and Richard line up for practice

Chris (far right) with his new bike (fuel tank exposed)
Spare Rear Differentials
Massive carbon fiber air intake

Chris checks the tire temps with a laser gun

Brian & Chris discuss Pit Stop strategies as Brett assembles the Pit Board

Chris & Brian set up his handle bar & lever positions

Chris goes over race plans with the Factory guys

Chris talks with Cooper (his co-rider in the Moto-ST)

Jeff, Chris & Willie under the BMW tent

Chris watches as a German mechanic rolls our bike out of the garage area

In what must be one of the most exciting days of his life - Brian climbs on his New Factory Race Bike and prepares for battle in his first Daytona 200

Willie talks with Richard Cooper on bike #317
Lined up on the grid - Brian & Chris talk before the start of the race

Willie wishes Brian luck
This is it
(above) Brian launches his HP2 at the start of the race - (below) SPEED Channel screen shots
Left and Below - Brain comes in for Fuel & Tires

(above) Pit stop complete - (below) Brian is held until it's safe for him to pull out of the pit box

Brian & Coop celebrate with the whole team. Willie & Chris are 3rd & 4th from the left.

(above) Cooper crosses the line (far left) in 5th place - Brian comes across next in 6th

BRIAN PARRIOTT #146                   RICHARD COOPER #317