Developing the HP2-Sport

The new HP2-Sport is a outstanding motorcycle straight from the factory, but there are many things that can be developed to make it even better. After the 2008 Daytona 200, we returned to San Jose with one of these new bikes.

Our new HP2 arrives in San Jose
Chris immediately starts tearing the bike down
Jeff pulls the cylinders and pistons
New head design with valve cover off
Cams and Valves
Cam Chain
It didn't take long to reduce the bike to pieces
Good look at the all carbon fiber valve cover
Cam and Rocker assembly
Light weight pistons and cylinder
See the teflon pads on the piston skirts
Heavily reinforced piston
Combustion chamber
Radial Valve positioning

With Engine Development continuing (duplicate parts being modified for future use), we reassembled the engine back to stock to take advantage of the AMA Tire Test at Sears Point - Off to the TRACK!
We took both bikes the track
AL (new member of our crew), Chris & Brian discuss the day's plans
Chris, Al & Jeff begin setting up the suspension using records from our previous races at Sears
Measurements and adjustments go on for over an hour
Brian climbs aboard to get the sag set
Chris takes it off the stand
Brian warms up the bike
Off he goes
Warm up lap
Brian starts to push the SJBMW HP2 it's first time on the track - The bike is very impressive!

Once we make our upgrades and modifications, we will participate in the upcoming AMA race at Infineon Raceway in May
Back to the pits for some more adjustments

Once the HP2 was ready to race, we dressed her up. It is amazing what a little color can do.