Ground-up bike build for a non-fared 750cc Bonneville Bike

Most recent photos are at the top of the page - scroll down to see the beginning of the project
That's it - the last ride before it goes on the trailer for Bonneville
Willie and Kevin finish up the details on the Wrecking Ball as Chris takes the SPEEDER out for a final ride before loading it in the trailer
This bike looks like it could have just 'Run the Ton' out of London's Ace Cafe in the 60's
Those pipes are LOUD!
Willie's Record Holding "Wrecking Ball" is also being prepared for another record run
Chris warms up the Bonneville Speeder
Final adjustments on the lift
Bonneville number in place
This is a very compact bike
The motor is strong and sounds great through the custom exhaust
Chris lights up the neighborhood with a few passes on his new hot rod
The new motor is fired up
Chris pulls out for a ride
Everything lined up & adjusted
Chris backs out the completed bike
Chris' custom Hot Rod pistons
Next the Rocker Arms
Ready for Pistons, Heads & Carbs
Jeff pushes in the wrist pins
The hands of the Master - Chris works his magic on the 750s heads. He uses an old hot-rodder's trick of placing a light over the valve opening to illuminate the port 360 degrees.
The exhaust is completed & mounted - Check out the retro seat upholstery
Chris welds flanges on the exhaust
Tach is installed with a custom mount
Completed housing for the Tach
Chris creates a gauge cup for the tach

Chris creates his own valve seats
(top) stock head (bottom) Chris' Large Valve Job

The top and front covers are installed
(left) New rod & piston (right) stock rod & piston
Chris installs the new timing chain and the short block complete
New crank installed
Stock crank (left) and new crank (right)
Reconditioned (like new) Block

It's hard to believe that someone could make such a beautiful tank from that foam shape
Handmade gas tank from Chris' mold
Original frame plate left in tact
Custom controls all around
Front and Rear Drum Brakes for that Classic Look

Now the foam tank shape is sent off to the aluminum worker to make a custom tank
The completed shape
Bill (SJBMW Parts Dept.) tries out the fit
Looking for that perfect shape
The back is trimmed to ensure the seat fits
A carving knife was used to work the shape
Rough cuts are made to the foam shape
Chris lifts the rough tank onto the bike
The empty mold is ready for the expanding foam
The foam worked very well
Chris locates the chemicals for the gas tank mold
Mixing the chemicals properly is very important

We even found an old painted Gas Tank
Lastly a Headlight Bucket & we mocked up the Exhaust System
Next was an old Slash 7 motor
Handle Bars, Cylinders & Heads
After digging through our old parts inventory - we came up with a Frame, Swing Arm & Forks
Then we located some old Wheels

The Bike Project Starts Here